Since the establishment of Nassar Group, it has managed to achieve rapid growth to become the largest integrated producer in the manufacture of wires and steel nails in the Middle East region, in addition to its role as an active player in the global markets of this industry.

Nassar Group has been keen throughout its history to be one of the leading companies in using the latest technologies available in the production of Islam and steel nails, with a focus on continuing to invest in establishing advanced factories, which enabled it to raise its production capacities and improve the quality of its products throughout its history.

We know that maintaining our position as the largest producer of wires and steel nails in the Middle East region, and what we have achieved from a global position, is not an easy matter, so we strive to continuously develop and improve in manufacturing high-quality products that undergo laboratory tests to ensure their quality and conformity to standard standards.

Our goal, which we keep in mind all the time, is to achieve sustainable development, and we are determined to continue this path continuously and face the escalating challenges in light of the continuous competition.

We seek to reach a huge production capacity in the field of wire and steel nails production, which works on the prosperity of Egypt by increasing the gross national product, preserving natural resources and strengthening the Egyptian economy.

Fathi ellaw
Managing Director