Nassar Group Export

Nassar Group exports its products of nails, wires and other products to all parts of the world, as our products, with their distinguished quality and tight composition, contribute to the optimization of the implementation of major construction, engineering and infrastructure projects.

Exporting to neighboring countries

The Middle East and North Africa region is one of the main markets for Nassar Group products. The steady growth rates in the region and the accompanying development have contributed to creating an increasing demand for wire, nails and other products.

The strategic locations of our factories have enhanced the efficiency of delivery and shipping systems to neighboring countries, as these factories are distinguished by their proximity to the main sea and land routes and paths.

Speed of shipping and supply to any place in the world

As part of Nassar Group’s integrated production process, our huge storage capacity enhances the efficiency and speed of transportation and circulation operations; This matter not only guarantees the preservation of the quality and safety of the products, but is also reflected in the speed of the loading process in preparation for the transportation and shipment of these products, whether by land or sea.

The strategic locations of our factories near major ports and roads helped to enhance the efficiency of shipping operations.

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