Since the establishment of the company in 1971 we have had one goal, which is the leadership in the manufacture of steel wires and nails in the Middle East region, it was at that time a small factory working on the production of drawn wires, but with good planning that includes a clear vision and a distinctive strategy and with the continuous development in the manufacture of high products Quality Nassar Group has become a great position in this field, not only in the Middle East, but also internationally.

I am confident that with the effort and continuous work, Nassar Group will reach the summit in the field of manufacturing and supplying steel wire and nails products in the world. We have high challenge goals and we are constantly working on participation, absorption and continuous improvement, as we work in one group for the customer, so all workers within Nassar Group It is committed to manufacturing high quality products bearing the “Made in Egypt” logo.

We are proud that the products of the Nassar Group are an essential component in all the national projects that the Egyptian state is undertaking and the huge boom the country is witnessing in infrastructure and the construction of new cities

I pledge to you that Nassar Group will continue to enhance its competitiveness and support innovation, which strengthens my belief that your trust and support for Nassar Group will bear fruit at all levels.

Megahed Nassar
Chief Executive Officer